AU website hacked by PHC(Pakistan Haxors Crew)

Allahabad University website hacked by PHC(Pakistan Haxors Crew)
First reported by A. U. Connect
PHC done it again!!
JUST 30min BEFORE 15Aug.

Previously few months ago PHC hacked websites of about 10 top universities includung IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, BHU, DU, etc. These website were down for almost 1/2 to 2 hours. In that attack INDIAN education domain( provider’s, “ERNET India (R9-AFIN)”, website’s flaw had used to change nameserver of website domains. Even after those attack ERNET had not covered up those loop holes. As a consequense, they done it again.

Biggest Question is what were government official of ERNET were doing till now? Covering loopholes or just sitting and waiting for next attack? Is this our Digital INDIA? Few more details: Pics and audio used on the site is taken from websites “” & “” complete links to these are given in comments.

Who/What is ERNET? ERNET India is an autonomous scientific society under the administrative control of Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India having one of the largest nationwide terrestrial and satellite network with 15 points of presence located at the premier academic and research institutions in major cities of the country.

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